How to use the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System–Using the VIVOSUN App


The VIVOSUN App connects to GrowHub and allows you to view and change environmental parameters from anywhere with an internet connection.  It also adds additional functionality, such as recipes.

Loading the App

Load the VIVOSUN App through the Appstore, or scan the QR code in the GrowHub manual.

Syncing to the GrowHub

After loading the App and registering, you are ready to sync to your GrowHub.  Power up your GrowHub, open the VIVOSUN App, and click the + to add a device.

As long as the GrowHub is in pairing mode the app will find it and walk you through installation.  If not in pairing mode, you may need to reset your GrowHub.

Garden Maintenance

You can maintain multiple ‘Gardens’ in your VIVOSUN App.  A Garden is defined as an area controlled by a GrowHub.  It could be a grow tent with a single light or a large grow room with multiple lights daisy-chained together.

Adding a Garden

When adding a garden, you will be prompted to enter the following information:

Garden Name – Type a name for this garden

Tent for Garden – Choose from the list of available tents or OTHER

Light for Garden – Choose from the list of available lights (VS1000E for the AeroLight) or OTHER


Editing a Garden

You can change the garden name, light, or tent for your garden.

Deleting a Garden

You can remove this garden from your app.

The VIVOSUN Dashboard

The VIVOSUN Dashboard is displayed when the app is opened. The Dashboard shows everything about a single garden, including the current environment, how all components are

Managing Gardens

The top-left of the dashboard will show which garden is currently being displayed.  Clicking on this will allow you to switch gardens or manage gardens.

Environment Display

The top part of the dashboard will show the current temperature, relative humidity, and Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) for your garden and outside.  It shows both the GrowHub external probe (inside) and the internal probe (outside).

Component Display

This will show the current status of all attached components (Light, Circulation Fan, and Exhaust Fan).  The top part shows how each component is currently set.  In the example below, the light is at 60%, the circulation fan is on speed1, and the exhaust fan is off.

The bottom (Green) part of this screen shows the mode in which each component is running (Manual, Cycle, Auto, Recipe).

Recipe Display

This shows the status of any running recipes, and which stage is running.  It will also show if any stages are scheduled.

Attached Devices

This will show all devices associated with this garden and whether they are currently attached.

Other Options

The GROW mode is for managing your gardens.  You can SHOP for VIVOSUN products or manage your account settings with ME.

Garden – Manage your garden(s)

Plant – Keep plant diaries

Shop – Find and buy VIVOSUN gear

Me – Account setup, program version, report issues

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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