How to Use the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System? Guide No.4: Recipes


Use the VIVOSUN App to better control the VIVOSUN smart grow system. A VIVOSUN Recipe in the app allows you to configure the settings for your entire growing. You can set component settings for Seedling, Vegetative, and/or Flowering cycles. You can then run that recipe in any cycle, or schedule a cycle for a future date.

From the dashboard, click on the recipe view to go into recipe mode.  If a recipe is currently running, you will go into that recipe. If not, you will see this screen.

View Existing Recipes - How to Use the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

From the dashboard, click on the Recipe Display. The recipe listing will be in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 1

The VIVOSUN app comes pre-loaded with a Photoperiod and Autoflower recipe. These recipes cannot be edited. These recipes can be used as a template to create your own recipes.

Step 2
You can store unlimited custom recipes.  In your own recipe library, click the + to create a new recipe.  Swipe a recipe left to have the option to delete it.  Or click on a recipe to edit that recipe, or to apply it to your garden.

Adding A Recipe - How to Use the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

When you click the + to add a recipe, you will first need to name your new recipe.

Adding a recipe

After naming your recipe, it will be added to the Recipe Library.  It doesn’t have any stages yet.


Then, click on the recipe to start adding stages to the Library.

Green Crack Auto

The application will walk you through adding the seedling, vegetative, and flowering stages.

You can set up one or all stages of a recipe.  For each stage, you must set up all componentsfor that stage before you CONFIRM the changes.

Scheduling a Recipe Stage

You can schedule any stage of the recipe to start on a specific date ane time. Start from the dashboard bt clicking on the recipe display.
Scheduling a Recipe Stage
Then, click the ‘Start” button for that stage.
APP Start Buttom
Choose the date you want the stage to start, then Click OK.
App Date Selection
When you go back to the dashboard, you will now see that stage scheduled.
App Stage Scheduled