How to use the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System–Installing the Smart Grow System


The Vivosun Smart Grow System came in one box with two smaller boxes inside, one for the AeroZesh and one for the AeroLight/Growhub.

NOTE: When you plug in the AeroLight/AeroZesh, they will come on at maximum speed/intensity by default UNLESS they are plugged into the GrowHub.  For this reason, it is recommended to plug the AeroLight & AeroZesh into the GrowHub before powering them up.

Installing the GrowHub

The GrowHub comes with a sticky square of metal, and the GrowHub itself is magnetic. Just peel off the backing to the metal plate and attach it to the inside of your tent opposite where you want to install the GrowHub.  The GrowHub is powered by the light/exhaust so as soon as you plug anything in, it powers up. I then used a small binder clip to attach the wires to the side of the tent.

Installing the AeroLight

The light hung from the top of the tent with two ropes, just like the old one. I just had to remove the old timer, which is no longer needed.  The provided RJ-45 cable then connects the AeroLight to the GrowHub.

Installing the AeroZesh

I have my exhaust fan installed on the top of my tent.  This leaves more room in the tent for the plants.  You can also install it inside the tent, hung with ropes or straps.  The fan comes with two cords: a power cord to plug into the outlet, and an accessory cord to plug the AeroZesh into the GrowHub.

Installing the Temperature Probe

The GrowHub has two temperature/humidity sensors, one in the GrowHub (External temps) and a cable that comes with the GrowHub (Internal temps).  The cable sensor attaches to the GrowHub and then goes in the tent, usually as close to your canopy as possible without touching.

Turning on your Smart Grow System

After making sure all components are plugged into the GrowHub, power on the components.  You should see power on the GrowHub, but everything else should be off by default.


The first thing you need to do is to set the date/time on the GrowHub.  Then you should calibrate your temperature and humidity sensors.  The calibration can only be done on the GrowHub by holding the CONFIRM button.  This should be done before using the GrowHub, as calibration stops all running recipes.

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